What is Something Happened?

'Something Happened' is an online tract to help people realise that 2000 years ago something happened that changed the world. Its not about faith, its not about believing, its about looking at the proof available to us in the 21st century and asking the question... 

"What do you think happened?"


Let's make a start?

Christian's believe that there was this was this guy called Jesus and he said he was God in human form!


So was Jesus something or just myth?

First off, did Jesus really exist or did someone just make him up?


Mad, Bad or God?

So if he was a real person, was Jesus actually God? And if he was, then why was he here on earth? He obviously had a massive impact on the world as his teachings, message and sacrifice keep echoing through history! But was he mad, bad or actually God?


So what makes Jesus different?

But it’s not just a question of whether Jesus was a real person, and its not just about whether he was mad or bad. The thing that really could make a difference is if he really did came back to life after he was killed and buried. His body disappeared, but hundreds of people were recorded to have seen him alive after his apparent execution and death!


How can I be sure he was God?

The honest answer is you can't, that's why its called faith!


Start searching for more answers..

Starting a journey with Jesus doesn’t mean we know all the answers; it can take time to develop our own opinions about deeper aspects within the Christian faith. Via YouTube and Facebook, Box of Questions provides a platform of voxpops for people to gently watch and deepen their personal faith with Jesus.