Starting a journey with Jesus doesn’t mean we know all the answers; it can take time to develop our own opinions about deeper aspects within the Christian faith. Via YouTube and Facebook, Box of Questions provides a platform of voxpops for people to gently watch and deepen their personal faith with Jesus. 

Box of Questions exists to help people grapple with faith questions, to "be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks" and have confidence in explaining why they believe what they believe is credible and relevant in their lives!

It is produced and edited by Darren Quinnell, who has been involved in youth work and mission since 2001, and gained a Theology Degree in 2008 at St Mellitus College, London.

St Mellitus Col.

Through nine themes, Box of Questions gives you the chance to search and learn more about the Christian faith at your own speed. Box of Questions has been designed so that no matter where you are in your faith, you can ask questions that suit you and your journey with God. 

Find below our intro voxpop videos to each theme and the list of questions we currently have filmed and have answers to or are coming in the future.

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Questions on Worship:
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What is worship?
Do we have to sing songs to worship God?
Does God need us to worship Him?
When is it best to worship God?
Why do people raise hands in sung worship?
What ways can I worship God in life?
Why should we worship God?


Questions on Church are coming soon:

What is the purpose of the Church?
Isn’t a Church just a building?
How often should I attend Church?
How is the Church the body of Christ?
Aren’t Churches just full of hypocrites?
Why should I tell others about Jesus?
Should we pressure people to believe?